Back on Community Server

Back on Community Server

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If you're viewing this post on the website as opposed to a feed reader, you might notice the site looks a little different.  The astute amongst you will also have noticed the site looks a lot like the Hawaii theme in Community Server.  That's because the site is running on Community Server.

There are two main reasons for moving from Graffiti back to Community Server.

  1. I felt with my CSAddon Package I'd rather show the addons off on the Site that was distributing them
  2. I wanted to use Wikis for the documentation for my upcoming AlexCrome.CS 2008.5 addons - take a look at the wiki now for a sneak peak at what's coming.


Over the next few days I'll be fixing some oddities due to moving from Graffiti to Community Server and a new domain name ( to, as well as finishing testing and releasing the next version of my Addons.

  • Just changed the syndication from: to:
  • The syndication should be automatically redirected. You also probably want to change the feed to as that includes both personal posts and community serve rposts - you've only subscribed to my personal posts.
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