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I've let my blog die over the last few months, and didn't set aside enough time to update it.  As repentance for my sins, I'm going to publish a list I've been keeping of addons for Community Server2007.  Unfortunately with Community Server, there isn't a single place where addons / csmodues etc. can be submitted and so they're spread out everywhere, all over the forums, in blogs and in file galleries.

Most of these include descriptions taken from a readme or from a web page discussing the addon.  I haven't used a lot of these so if I've made a mistake please correct me.  This list does not include Themes as there's a good selection to chose from at, nor is it organized particularly well but as there aren't all that many addons, that shouldn't matter too much, so here goes.


[Edit: 24 Jan 08] Updated KartonesNet CS2007 Addon Pack, Added Sam's CS Mods

[Edit: 14 Jan 08] Added AlexCrome.CS (How could I forget?)



CSGuild - A number of jobs modules etc. for World of Warcraft guild roster and character administration

CS2007 Event Calendar - Shared calendar which allows events to be added through the use of [cal] tags in Forum Posts.

Editor Wrappers

Free Text Box

Tellerik RadEditor

XStandard Editor

Spam Rules

Telligent.SpamRules for Community Server 2007


Asirra captch support for Community Server - a captcha control for CS based on Asirra.


Code Syntax Highlighter - CSModule to highlight & format code snippets. 

Wikipedia Link Module - Allows posts to include popups pointing to Wikipedia for more information



AlexCrome.CS (My Addon Package)

Registration PM - Sends a private message to each user when they are created

MarkThreadsReadOnUserCreate - Marks all posts created before a new user registered as being read so the user’s ‘Unread posts’ page is not clogged up with posts created before he or she joined.

MarkAllPostsRead - Similar to MarkThreadsReadOnUserCreate however, the control works on demand.

UserHasUnreadPrivateMessageCondition - Allows you to display content based on whether or not a user has any unread Private Messages. The most obvious use of this is to give users a message when they have new private messages.


Community Server MVPs Cinnabar CSModule Package

AutoMedia - This CSModule enables users to easily add multimedia objects to forum posts without needing to use HTML or the site administrator having to relax the HtmlScrubber settings.

PostSignature  - By default, the only applications that support appending a user's signature to the end of a post is CSForums. This module allows system administrators to specify other CS applications in which to insert a user's signature. As of now this module supports CSBlogs and CSGalleries to append a signature on to, and in a future release will support more.  Note that this CSModule doesn’t work under ASP.NET 2.0 medium trust level.

NewUserDefault  - Enables you to set default values for new users when register on your site. These are settings that are not configurable through the .config files.

SyndicationAds - This CSModule gets the text value of your advertisement as a relative path of a .txt file and adds this value to end of all your feeds (RSS or Atom) on a site.

WhiteSpaceFilter - This CSModule uses some string methods to replace your posts content HTML code with new shorter code to reduce the size.

AkismetSpamRule - This spam rule uses the Akismet, a web service determining whether a comment is spam or not.

GlobalSnippets - This CSModule lets you to have application wide blog snippets (TextParts) to keep consistency.  It gets an ApplicationKey for a blog which has the list of snippets and uses them as global snippets.  This blog can be private or public but all of its snippets will be applied to all other blogs.

CSSoapBox -CSSoapBox is a CSModule for Community Server that enables you to embed MSN SoapBox videos into your Community Server Blogs and Forums.

ExternalTagLinks - Insert an ExternalTags Text Part anywhere in a blog post, like: [ExternalTags: CS, blogging, developer] Separate the tags you want to link to with commas.

UserCreateAudit - This module triggers whenever a new user is created, and writes an entry to the event log indicating who created the user. Also it writes in the event log if a user logs in and from what IP-address.

LinkManager - This CSModule helps you to add new attributes to website links when they’re being rendered, added or updated.  You can configure this CSModule to be applied to internal or external links or links from specific applications.

CarKnee Bundle for Community Server 2007

AddPostersToRoleJob -  This Job is used to manage your top-posting members so that you can give them access to certain areas of your site.

NewMemberModerationModule- Tis CSModule is used to “moderate” the users who register on your site in  order to reduce the amount of SPAM. We can control new users by auto-banning,  or moderating, them based on their specified email address.

Identicons -his is used to display an Identicon as a blog comment permalink rather than the standard '#' sign.

MP3Player -his CSModule will parse a [mp3][/mp3] string and convert it into an embedded Flash MP3 Player.

Blog Rss Signature - is CSModule, and associated Control Panel Page, will allow you to set a "signature" to use when your blog is syndicated.

PostGravatar Control

PostExtendedAttributeComparison Control

Community Server Windows Live Addons

Windows Live Single Sign On Module - allows integration with Windwos Live for login (hence allowing login with Cardspace)

Live Messenger Presence

Community Server Stuff


ProfileSubForm - Saves additional profile information during registration.

OpenSearchHeader - A server control that easily adds the site-wide OpenSearch handler to your header. (NOTE: Future versions of this control will add additional section-specific search options as well as the site-wide option.)

ReallySimpleDiscoveryHeader - A server control that easily adds the RSD handler to the header of every weblog.


MetaWeblogHandler - Inherits from the built-in MetaWeblog handler and adds support for newMediaObject.

OpenSearchHandler - A compiled version of my OpenSearchHandler (still only site-wide, not yet working for individual blogs).

ReallySimpleDiscoveryHandler - Aids Windows Live Writer in autodiscovering your CS MetaWeblog API settings.


DeletedBlogModule - Redirects users that try to access deleted blogs to a more helpful error message.

DomainRewriteModule - Redirects requests from one domain to another. Useful when you've changed your CS site's domain name.


RecycleBinJob - Empties the cspostsdeleted_archive table (your CS Recycle Bin) at a given interval.

ReferrerCleanerJob - Cleans out post referrals from search engines and social networks at a given interval.

BanSpammersJob - Adds known blog spammers to the cs_BannedAddresses table so they can no longer spam your site.


SharingModule - An enhanced version of ScottW's ShareItModule that fixes some issues and supports images.

KartonesNet CS2007 Addon Pack

KartonesNet.Modules.DiggItAddon: This is a module to render a DiggIt button at the bottom of each post. Some parameters like the skin or backcolor can be configured.

KartonesNet.Modules.SpamAddon: This module contains 2 new rules for the CS Spam Blocker.
PostLengthSpamRule: This is a new Spam Blocker rule that checks for a minimum post length. If post is smaller than the threshold/length, assigns a base score plus 1 per character missing.
BadWordNoRegExpSpamRule: This rule works exactly as the default Bad Word Count CS rule, except that uses substring matching instead of regular expressions, allowing an easier way to add "bad words" that contain non-alphanumeric characters. Comparison is case-insensitive.

KartonesNet.Modules.VideosAddon: This is a module to allow embedded videos from Soapbox, Youtube and Googlevideo in blogs, forums and comments.

KartonesNet.Modules.GDocsSlideshowAddon: This is a module to allow posting presentations from Google Documents in blogs, forums and comments.

KartonesNet.Tasks.ClearLogsJob: This is a Task/Job that will clear all Exceptions if clearExceptions="true" and will delete all EventLog entries older than expirationDays value.

Sam's CS2007 Mods

DataSourceListCount & DataSourceListCountValueComparison: When I did the comments and trackback separation, it turned out there was no way of finding out the number of comments and trackbacks separately, even though the data was in the system, so I wrote DataSourceListCount to display it. DataSourceListCountValueComparison allows you to use it as a condition - for example, I used it so if there was a singular trackback, it would write out 'trackback', not 'trackbacks'. These controls are in fact usable in any CS Chameleon list control - it pulls out the number of records retrieved by the list control, including any QueryOverrides - and conform to the standard behaviour of a CS Chameleon single-value control.

PostHumanDate: This control takes the date of the post, and transforms it into a human-form date, e.g. 21 minutes ago instead of the actual date. See the bottom of the date box in the top right corner of this post (if you're reading this from the website of course). It's a standard CS single-value control, so it's usable within any post object, so inside blog posts, blog post lists, comments, forum post lists, forum posts etc. The text is hard-coded unfortunately (as there were no usable strings in the language files), and it is designed to list the largest unit up to 'months', so if under 1 minute it'll say x seconds ago, if under 1 hour it'll say under x minutes ago and so on.

SectionHumanDate: This control acts like the PostHumanDate control, except instead of grabbing data from a post object in CS, it grabs data from a section object. It is used to get dates from information on a forum, blog, gallery or folder itself - not the items within them. For example, it can be used to replace the 'most recent post date' in forums, which is a section object property.

RssFeedItemsList: This control lets you drag in any RSS feed and display it on your blog, without having to mirror it. Like the others, it is a full on CS list control, so you can set pagers, page sizes etc. and have complete control over the layout too. I've used it for the tumblelog, where it is housed in a CallBackPager control. It caches each RSS feed for 30 minutes. One difference is that I couldn't be bothered making a data control, so to get the data out from each feed item, you have to use the standard ASP.NET code - instructions inside.


If anyone knows of any further addons, or has any corrections to make to my list, please submit them in comments below and I'll update this list as appropriate.

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  • Thanks. The list is great. I just wish there was more for you to put on the list.

  • You posted on CS a while back to New User PM and PM Notification modules - but they seem to have been lost in the transition over to Graffiti!

    Any chance you could repost and add to your list?


  • Oops. How on earth could I miss that. I've just added that to the list and also created a page detailing the package in further, which even has it's own navigation link! Anway, to save time, you can find it at

  • Ta mucka :)

  • Hi Dave!

    I've updated my pack with a Google Documents Slideshow addon (to be able to embed gdocs slideshows on forums and blogs):

    Many thanks for adding my small pack in your list!

  • I assume you meant Hi Alex there.

    I've just updated the list to include your additional addon and an additional package I come accross.

  • Whops, sorry :$ Yes, I meant you Alex, the blog owner. The theme ported message in the footer made me mistake your name for a moment and I wrote the incorrect one.

    Anyway, thanks for the list too, I'm still taking a look at the rest of modules and I will probably use one or two of them.



  • thanks for knowledge

  • thanks asfcrome for above list!

    Have a nice day!

  • An AddOn to know - Ideas Collaboration for CS 2008 and 2008.5

    Anyone can run his own Ideas community ontop of existing CS installations. The setup takes a few minutes and is hassle-free.

  • Telligent.SpamRules for Community Server 2007

    Link down - do you have a new link or copy of these?

  • Try Daniel

  • Nice commentary . Incidentally , if your company is searching for a Profit & Loss Statement Sample , my husband filled out and faxed a blank form here <a>>.

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