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AlexCrome.CS Updated and Enhanced

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I've finally got around to updating my CS Addon Package.  I've fixed one bug, improved one module (introducing a breaking change), and added one control and one CSModule.

The breaking change was introduced by moving the resources out of resources.xml and into another resources file, which will be better in the long term.  As for bugs, I've updated the MarkAllPostsRead control to refresh the page once it's marked posts as read, instead of posting back as this causes the read status of posts to be correctly shown.

The CSModule is fairly unexciting - it simply sends an email to the users specified in it's entry in communityserver.config.  The email it sends is defined in emails.xml and can be modified as appropriate.

The second control is a lot more interesting - Quick Reply.  Considering all the fuss that's been made by the absence of this control, I was very surprised when I implemented it in under 70 lines of code.  I started by deriving from the CreateEditForumPostForm.  When placing this in the context of a thread, the first problem was the form tried to take the current post as the post it should be editing.  This was easy to fix - I just overrode the DataSource to always be null.  This worked and I seemed to have a working Quick Reply however, there was still a problem - it would always be in reply to the current post.  This again was fairly simple to fix - just override the ReplyToPost to get the first post in the current Thread.  As it's based on the CreateEditForumPost Control, you can just copy the code from the popup quick reply, just replacing CSControl:CreateEditForumPost with ACControl:QuickReply

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  • Question. For your add-ons, with special emphasis on "Mark all as read", can this be used for CS 2008?

  • This is a fantastic extension. I've been using it for a while on a 2007.1 server, and am currently in the process of upgrading it to 2008.5. Do you have any plans in making this add-on available for 2008.5?

  • Yes I do plan on upgrading it - I have got it working on my local install, just need to finish off some new additions and find time to publish them.

    Some of the addons in the package are redundent in CS2008.5 as they're part of CS2008.5 (RegistrationPM and UserHasUnreadPrivateMessageCondition to be precise)

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