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Warning addon for CS

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I'm currently working on a warnings addon for moderators to CS2008 and wanted to see if anyone had any feedback on what they think such an addon should contain.  This addon is implemented using the Messaging API for CS (which Conversations, Profile Messages and Activity Messages also use), and will require the addition of a new SQL table and some stored procedures, but no changes to core CS code will be required.

Initially it's going to solely target the Forums and a standalone form, however it can (and will) be easily expanded to support all CS Posts (Blog, MediaGallery, and Wiki posts after CS2008.1), Blog Comments, Media Gallery comments Profile Announcements and Profile Comments.  However the standalone form will allow warnings to be submitted for any reason - e.g. Signature too large.

As punishment for receiving a warning, the addon supports subtracting user points from the user, but that can be done on a case by case basis - a trivial issue may have no punishment but a repeat offender could receive more substantial punishment.

I have also added support for expiring warnings with the of performing some sort of actions once a user receives a certain number of warnings - my preferred option is a notification to an administrator who can then use their digression as to whether any further action should be taken, or some sort of auto ban module.

Finally I plan on implementing some form of templating support to the warning system - allowing you to specify default reasons and details with placeholders for moderators to fill out, however I'm not sure I'll get around to implementing that for the first version.

If that gives you too little / too much, the screenshots should provide you with what you need.  Leave any comments you have about what you think should (or shouldn't) be included in the comments section below

image image
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  • Going back to the Snitz days they used a system were the user could be issued a warning on one of three levels. A custom icon was added to their profile (similar to a role icon) and pop up description text could be entered by the mod/admin detailing why the warning was issued. It also had an auto expiry which could be set in days.

    Another feature that would be good is to have a log of warnings issued so admins could quickly check to see who received a warning, when and why.

  • I think I've got most of that.

    When warnign a user, you can assign a point loss that will be taken away from their points count. Different levels could be taking away different nubmers of points.

    I am also planning to have a log of warnings. One will be in the User's profile, and can be viewed by that user and Moderators, MembershipAdmins and System Admins. There will be another list in the Moderator Control Panel which shows all warnings given, (and might be able to be limited to warnings given by one moderator).

    I haven't got any auto ban / auto add role icon functionality as I don't feel such things should be done automatically, and feel that disgression is a better tactic. It would however be trivial to write a CSModule that hooks into one of the Message Events to implement auto ban functionality, so I may end up implementing it for those who want to use it.

  • Good, keep us posted on the development.

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