What Theme Page is Community Server Using?

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What Theme Page is Community Server Using?

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URL Rewriting is a very powerful feature of Community Server, however for those trying to start themeing and modifying CS, it's very difficult as you have to work out what the rewritten page is - having /forums/ rewrite to /themes/YOURTHEME/forums/grouplist.aspx is not obvious at first sight.  Even for seasoned CS users, who can read siteurls.config, it's not that easy (let alone pleasent) finding what page is actually being rendered.

To aid this task, I've created a simple aspx page which you can drop anywhere in community server which allows you to enter URLs, and resolves the rewritten url (see screengrab below).  It even works accounts for changes made either directly to siteurls.config, or made through siteurls_override.config.  You can download this page from the media gallery (unzip to anywhere in your CS website).


A few things to note when using this page

  • For urls which can have their own section theme (e.g. urls for specific blogs or groups) the particular application key specified must exist on your website - otherwise an exception is thrown.
  • When entering the Requested Url, you MUST exclude any http://www.domain.com etc.  If you've installed CS into a subdirectory (e.g. http://domain.com/CommunityServer/) you can leave the /communityserver/ in the requested url, although you don't have to.


You can see a sample of this on this website at http://alexcrome.co.uk/demo/urlresolver.aspx . Do note that I have made some siteurls changes so if you see any pages being rewritn to /themes/hawaii/ACCustom/... then the url will rewrite to a different page on your isntall.

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  • A very useful tool.  Thank you!

  • Hi Alex,

    Is this we can use for different domain name also? Say I want to rewrite my group url for different domain.eg, mydomain.com/.../default.aspx should be like mygroupdomain.com/default.aspx.

    If we cannot do thiswith this module is there any idea that I can solve this problem?

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