AlexCrome.CS 2008 Is Coming...

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AlexCrome.CS 2008 Is Coming...

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The title says it all.  I’m very nearly finished, just got to put the finishing touches on the package which I should be able to do sometime this week (or at least I hope so).

You can expect a number of old addons to be included

  • Quick Reply control
  • MarkAllPostsRead control
  • NotifyAdministratorOnUserCreate CSModule

(I have removed the RegistrationPM and UserHasUnreadPrivateMessagecondition as these are now included out of the box in CS.)

You can also expect some additional addons to be included

  • RefreshBlogPostCacheOnComment CSModule (updates cache immediately when a comment (blog or media gallery) is posted).
  • SearchEnginePing CSModule (Pings more than just Google)
  • SetAnonymousUserRoles CSModule (fixes anonymous roles problem allowing you to display navigation
  • MappedPathFileSystemFileStorageProvider (change the filestorage basepath based on the machine name of the server)
  • Referal Points addon (reward users with points for inviting new users to your community)
  • CopyWikiPageToBlog control (copy a page from a wiki to a blog, leaving the blog post accredited to the author of the wiki page).
  • A control (and sample page) to allow for improved display of Active topics – live example available at .

I’m also including a control panel page to configure addons through the Control Panel.


Click the Configure button next to an addon and a popup window opens allowing you to configure the addon. 


This page is not required, and I’ll talk more about how this works once I’ve released the package.

I’m still undecided on whether I should include my Warnings Addon or not.  I’m not sure it’s of high enough quality to release yet, but that depends on how I feel when I come to finishing off the package and packaging it up.

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  • Fantastic news... can't wait to get my hands on it. Let me know if you need someone to do some testing on it? Also, do you plan to support 2008.5 directly as this is the most current version of CS2008?

  • I shall only be supporting CS2008.5 directly. Most of the addons should still work against CS2008 (I've been using the majority of them myself for months), however I make no promises that they will.

    I'm not sure if I need testing, but If I do I'll post it on this blog so you can find out that way.

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