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As recommended in one of your replies in another post, i am trying to setup a post TOC using the AlexCrome.CS 2008.5. Although i am specifically looking for the TOC, i see value in some of the other modules & add-ons so i don't mind whether i install all or only the part i am after.

However, i am not sure where to store the extracted directories and files etc... the .dll file is done but where do i store the Includes & Source directories and their subdirectories? Do i need to copy that across to somewhere under my C:\Program Files\Telligent\Community Server 2008.5\... directory perhaps under C:\Program Files\Telligent\Community Server 2008.5\Web ? and do i need to copy all directories even if i only need the TOC part?

In advance of your feedback, many thanks for your support!

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