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Alex Crome.CS 2008.5 Documentation

This wiki contains documentation for my AlexCrome.CS 2008.5 addons for Community Server.

Improved Active Topics Page

Alex Crome.CS 2008.5 Documentation

(formally Sort Threads By Group Forum Sort Order Query Implementation)

This control changes the order in which results for a thread list are obtained.  This and some inline code magic can make for an improved Active Topics / Unanswered Posts / Unread Posts / My Discussions page, grouping results into individual forums and groups.

A live example of this is available at

N.B. it is a known limitation that this doesn’t work with multiple levels of sub forums.  These can be worked around by modifying the SortOrder property of sub forums directly in the cs_sections table in the database.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download AlexCrome.CS
  2. Copy AlexCrome.CS.dll to the /bin/ directory of your website
  3. Make a backup copy of your existing /themes/hawaii/forums/filteredthreadlist.aspx page
  4. Copy the filteredthreadlist.aspx page included in the download to /themes/hawaii/forums/, overwriting your existing page.
  5. Sit back and enjoy improved filtered thread list pages.
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  • In the latest version - there isn't a filteredthreadlist.aspx file - but there is a forums-filteredthreadlistbyforum.aspx

  • This is the latest version, although I may have misnamed the file - should be forums-filteredthreadlist.aspx.

    The latest version uses some siteurls changes so that we don't have to overwrite the existing filteredthreadlist.aspx page - which could get wiped out in an upgrade.  This version of the page goes at /themes/hawaii/ACCustom/forum-filteredthreadlist.aspx.

  • I get a "Page Not Found" found error

  • the correct filename should be "forum-filteredthreadlist.aspx"

    then it works

  • I guess that this example (A live example of this is available at xxx) was only available before you upgraded to 5.0?

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