Before installing any of hte Addons in AlexCrome.CS you first need to download the latest package.

Install All Addons

  1. Copy communityserver_override.config, emails.xml, siteurls_override.config file in the /Includes/ folder to the root of your Community Server Site
  2. Copy AlexCrome.CS.Resources.xml from the /Includes/ folder to ~/languages/YOURLANGUAGE/
  3. Copy forums-filteredthreadlistbyforum.aspx from the /Includes/ folder to /themes/YOURTHEME/ACCustom/ (you may need to create the ACCustom folder)
  4. Copy ManageAddons.aspx from /Includes/ folder to ~/ControlPanel/Tools/
  5. Merge the provided NavBar.merge.config with the existing NavBar.config file in ~/ControlPanel/Settings/
  6. Execute the ReferalsSQL.sql script in the /Includes/ folder against your Database
  7. Copy AlexCrome.CS.dll to the /bin/ directory of your website.

Install Individual Addons

Look through the Documentation articles, find the article on the addon you want to install anhd scroll down to the Installation section.  that will provide specific instructions on how to install the specific addon.