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Alex Crome.CS 2008.5 Documentation

This wiki contains documentation for my AlexCrome.CS 2008.5 addons for Community Server.

New User Random Avatar

Alex Crome.CS 2008.5 Documentation

The New User Random Avatar module assigns new members a random avatar from the Selectable Avatar store when they first join Community Server. For more information on adding Selectable Avatars, see .


  1. Download AlexCrome.CS 2008.
  2. Copy AlexCrome.CS.dll to the /bin/ directory of your website. 
  3. Ensure your the communityserver_override.config file contains the following
    <Override xpath="/CommunityServer/CSModules" mode="add">
    <add name="NewUserRandomAvatar" type="AlexCrome.CS.Modules.NewUserRandomAvatar, AlexCrome.CS" />
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  • I installed your modules, but don't see where to setup the list of avatars.  How do I set up the list of avatars for it to randomly choose between.

  • @theotherhand take a look at

  • So the random avatar will be any of the selectable avatars.  It would be nice to have a configuration option to be able to create a list of avatars to be used for new users.  This way when glancing over the new users, we can tell which ones actively selected an Avatar, and which ones, never changed their avatar.

    Just a suggestions.  This will work for now.  Thank you for your work.

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