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Alex Crome.CS 2008.5 Documentation

This wiki contains documentation for my AlexCrome.CS 2008.5 addons for Community Server.

Referal Points

Alex Crome.CS 2008.5 Documentation

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Community Server allows your existing members to invite new members to your community through the Invite User page (/user/inviteuser.aspx).  This addon provides an incentive for them to use this as it gives the user points for every new user they bring to the community.

You can optionally make the user who joins and the user who sent the invitation friends.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download AlexCrome.CS 2008.5.
  2. Copy AlexCrome.CS.dll to the /bin/ directory of your website.
  3. Execute the ReferalsSQL.sql script against your database. 
  4. Ensure your the communityserver_override.config file contains the following
          Referal Points Addon
    <!-- Change default Points Provider-->
    <Override xpath="/CommunityServer/Core/providers" mode="add" where="end">
      <add    name = "PointsProvider"
              type = "AlexCrome.CS.Provider.ACPointsProvider, AlexCrome.CS"
              connectionStringName = "SiteSqlServer" databaseOwnerStringName = "SiteSqlServerOwner"
    <!-- Add Referal Point Module-->
    <Override xpath="/CommunityServer/CSModules" mode="add">
      <add name="ReferalPointsModule" type="AlexCrome.CS.Points.ReferalPointsModule, AlexCrome.CS" />


The Referal Points Addon is a Configurable Addon and can be configured through the Manage Addons page.  The following screenshot shows the configuration options available for this addon.

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  • Where can i fint this "Manage Addons page" ?

    To bad your screenshot dosent work

  • I still haven't got around to documenting the Manage Addons Page yet.

    Assumign you've followed all the instructions at , the Manage Addons page should be found at /controlpanel/tools/manageaddons.aspx .

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