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    AlexCrome.CS 2008 Is Coming...

    The title says it all. I’m very nearly finished, just got to put the finishing touches on the package which I should be able to do sometime this week (or at least I hope so). You can expect a number of old addons to be included Quick Reply...
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    New Site Theme

    I’ve decided I’m a little bored of the previous theme my site was using and so I’ve updated to a new theme.  I’m using a slight modification of the PointSpace – Blue theme converted to Graffiti by Rich Mercer (available at
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    AlexCrome.CS Updated and Enhanced

    I've finally got around to updating my CS Addon Package .  I've fixed one bug, improved one module (introducing a breaking change), and added one control and one CSModule. The breaking change was introduced by moving the resources out of...
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    How on earth did I forget...

    I really don't know what I was thinking when I published my list of Addons for Community Server .  How on earth did I manage to forget the addons I WROTE MYSELF!!  (please don't respond to that ;) ) Anyway, I have amended the original...
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