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Permission Viewer Tool

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The permission viewer application is a diagnostic tool for viewing permissions in a Telligent Evolution platform community.  It allows you to view permissions in a tabular form which can make diagnosing permission based issues easier.

The application may be downloaded from github, where the source code is also hosted.


Set up your Community

This application uses the REST API to communicate with the Telligent Evolution platform.  You must first enable the REST API and then generate an API Key for your user account within your Telligent community.

Connecting with the Application

  1. In the connection area at the Enter the URL to your Telligent community and hit Connect
  2. The Application will try and connect to your website.  After a moment a new row will pop up asking for your Username and API Key.  Depending on how your community is configured, you may also be required to enter a password.  Enter the requires details and then hit Login

Understanding the Permission Report

The permission report is displayed as a grid with roles listed along the top of the table, and a list of permissions down the left hand side.  If a role is granted a permission, the cell corresponding to the permission and role will have a green colour with an X in.

Roles are always listed in the following order: Everyone, Registered Users,Members, Managers, Owners, Moderators, Administrators, OTHER ROLES

If you do not see a role listed in the table, that means the role has no permissions for that application

    Viewing  Permissions for an Individual Application

    In order to view permissions for a particular application, you first need to select an application.  After doing this, permissions will be displayed in a table in the Permission Display area on the right.  There are two ways of selecting an application:

    Browsing for an Application

    1. Select the Browse tab in the Application Selector area
    2. Browse through the tree to find the application you want to view permissions for
    3. Click on the Application to view it’s permissions

    Searching for an Application

    1. Click on the search tab in the Application Selector area
    2. In the search box, type in your search query then hit Search to search for applications
    3. Click on the Application you want to view permissions for

    Viewing Site Wide Permissions

    When you first connect to your community, you will be shown Site Wide permissions.  If you have started viewing permissions for an individual application, you can return to this page by hitting the Show Site Permissions button in the bottom right

    Exporting Permission Reports

    You can export the permission grid for an application to an HTML report.  This HTML report will include the permissions for the currently selected application, and groups above it.

    1. Show the permissions you wish to export
    2. Click on the “Export Permission Report” button in the bottom right
    3. In the Save As dialogue, choose a location to save the report and press Save.
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