AlexCrome.Evolution is a set of addons for the Telligent Evolution Platform (Telligent Community and Telligent Enterprise) written by Alex Crome

The following is a list of all items included in the AlexCrome.Evolution 5.0 addon package for the Telligent Evolution Platform (Teligent Community 5 and Telligent Enterprise 2)

Configurable Addons

  • Table Of Contents - Automatically builds a Table of Contents from any Heading tags (h1-h6) in use in a page or post when the content contains [toc] – see an example above.
  • Referral PointsGives members points if they successfully invite new members to join the Telligent Evolution Platform community.
  • Notify On User Create (also a CSModule) – Sends an email to configured email addresses whenever a new user joins a Telligent Evolution Platform community.
  • Search Engine Ping (also a CSModule) – Pings search engines to let them know when new content is added to a Telligent Evolution Platform community.




  • Extended Attributes SubForm - A subform that allows you to easily store additional data in Extended Attributes when creating / saving data that supports Extended Attributes.
  • Resource Controls - Utility controls to reference resources in the AlexCrome.Evolution.Resources.xml resource file.

Deprecated Addons

The following addons are still included in the addon package, but are no longer maintained and will be removed in a future release.  For further details on why the addon was deprecated, and for workarounds, view the documentation on the addons.