Four Configurable Addons are available in the AlexCrome.Evolution 5.0 addon package for the Telligent Evolution Platform (Teligent Community and Telligent Enterprise)

  • Table Of Contents - Automatically builds a Table of Contents from any Heading tags (h1-h6) in use in a page or post when the content contains [toc] – see an example above.
  • Referral PointsGives members points if they successfully invite new members to join the Telligent Evolution Platform community.
  • Notify On User Create (also a CSModule) – Sends an email to configured email addresses whenever a new user joins a Telligent Evolution Platform community.
  • Search Engine Ping (also a CSModule) – Pings search engines to let them know when new content is added to a Telligent Evolution Platform community.

These Configurable Addons may be configured through the Manage Addon Configurations widget.