This module is no longer being updated as this functionality was added to Telligent Community 5 SP1 / Telligent Enterprise 2 SP1. View documentation

The DefaultMirroredBlogPostAuthor CSModule takes new blog posts created from mirrored RSS feeds and sets the author of the post as one of the blog owners. The post author is set as the first valid user in the blog owner's list.


  1. Install the core AlexCrome.Evoution package
  2. Ensure your the communityserver_override.config file contains the following
    [code language="xml"]
    <Override xpath="/CommunityServer/CSModules" mode="add"> 
      <add name="DefaultMirroredBlogPostAuthor"
           type="AlexCrome.Evolution.Modules.DefaultMirroredBlogPostAuthor, AlexCrome.Evolution" />


To uninstall the Default Mirrored Blog Post Author addon, simply remove the above xml from your communityserver_override.config file.