For an overview of the addons available in the AlexCrome.Evolution addon package for the Telligent Evolution Platform, click here.

Install all Addons at Once

This is the quickest method, and installs all the addons at once.  If there is only one or two addons you don’t want to use, it may be quicker and easier to install all the addons, and then uninstall the ones you don’t want to use. 

  1. Download the AlexCrome.Evolution package.
  2. Run the AlexCrome.Evolution.SQL.sql script against your database (this is required even if you installed the CS2008.5 version as there have been some changes to the points stored procedures)
  3. Copy the contents of the \web\ folder into the web folder of your Telligent Evolution Platform (Telligent Community or Telligent Enterprise) website.
    • If you already have a communityserver_override.config file, add the overrides in the provided file to the bottom of your own.
    • If you are using a theme other than the Fiji theme, you will need to copy the \themes\fiji\CustomCss\ and \themes\fiji\CustomImages\ folders into your theme.  You may also need to adjust the styles and images to better suit your theme.
    • If you are using any languages other than English you will need to copy the contents of \Languages\en-us\ into each other language you’re using, and translate the files into the appropriate language.
  4. Copy the contents of TableOfContents.css into the CSS Overrides on the Theme Configuration page in the Control Panel.  (Again you may wish to customise these styles to better suit your site’s look and feel)
  5. You have now successfully installed the addon package.  Some addons however require additional setup


Install Addons Individually

Use this method if you only want to install a small number of addons, or if you want to go through the addons very carefully so you know what you’re installing.

  1. Download the AlexCrome.Evolution package from TBD
  2. Copy the following files from the \web\ folder into the equilivent place in the web folder of your Telligent Evolution Platform website
    • \bin\AlexCrome.Evolution.dll
    • \Languages\en-US\AlexCrome.Evolution.Resources.xml
      • If you are using a language other than English, you will need to copy this file into the appropriate location for each language you use, and translate the resources within the file.
    • \Utility\ContentFragments\ACCustom\
  3. For each addon you wish to install, browse to the addon’s page in the documentation and follow the Installation Instructions.