The Notify on User Create module sends an email out to the specified email addresses when a new user joins a Telligent Evolution Platform community


The Notify on User Create CSModule is a Configurable Addon.  To configure it, you should use the Manage Addon Configurations widget.  When configuring the widget, there is one configuration option to configure

  • Email Addresses to Notify – A list of email addresses (each address entered on a new line), to send an email to when a new user joins your Telligent Evolution Platform community.



  1. Install the core AlexCrome.Evoution package
  2. Ensure your the communityserver_override.config file contains the following
    <Override xpath="/CommunityServer/CSModules" mode="add"> 
    <add name="NotifyOnUserCreate" 
           type="AlexCrome.Evolution.Modules.NotifyOnUserCreate, AlexCrome.Evolution" /> 
  3. Copy the /web/Languages/en-US/emails/AC_NotifyOnUserCreate.txt file to the same location in your Telligent Evolution Platform website’s folder.
    • If any users you want to send this email to use a language other than English, copy this file into the equivalent location for those languages, and translate the file as required


  1. Remove the above xml from the communityserver_override.config file
  2. Remove any /languages/LANGUAGE/emails/AC_NotifyOnUserCreate.txt files from you Telligent Evolution Platform website.