The Search Engine Ping module pings the specified Search Engine urls (by default Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask) when new content is added to a Telligent Evolution Platform community to let them know new content has been posted to your community


The Search Engine Ping CSModule is a Configurable Addon.  To configure it, you should use the Manage Addon Configurations widget.  When configuring the widget, there are two configuration option to configure

  • Timeout – the time in milliseconds before the web request used to ping the search engine times out
  • URLs to Ping – a list of URLs to ping when new content is added to a Telligent Evolution Platform community.  {0} can be used to refer to the URL of your community’s sitemap.



  1. Install the core AlexCrome.Evoution package
  2. Ensure your the communityserver_override.config file contains the following
    <Override xpath="/CommunityServer/CSModules/add[@name='GooglePingModule']" mode="remove" /> 
    <Override xpath="/CommunityServer/CSModules" mode="add"> 
        <add name="SearchEnginePingModule" type="AlexCrome.CS.Modules.SearchEnginePing, AlexCrome.CS" /> 


Remove the above xml from the communityserver_override.config file.